On-Site Construction

Preparing Your Home Site Requires Experience, Coordination and Communication. The following photos and descriptions explain many (but not all) of the steps involved in creating your new home.

Peterson Home Center provides these services as part of our Full Service Construction Management.

PERMITS: Many Jurisdictions (City, County and State) require permits for the work involved with creating your new home. Many require properly licensed professionals to perform the work.

Road Construction

Access Road/Driveway: Dozer Work, Gravel, Culverts, Ditches…

Locate and Install Utilities. Call Before You Dig. Coordinate with multiple Utility Companies for account set up and line installations.

Water: Well Drilling and Pump Installation or Public Water System

Excavation of Home Site

Cut, Fill and Slope dirt for drainage

-5Waste: Tank and Drain Field or Public Sewer Hook Up

Pit Set Concrete or Block Support: Prepare area for home Delivery

Delivery of Home: Access Road, Trees, Corners, Power Lines, Weather (Mud, Ice, Wind…)

Set Up and Marriage of Home Sections

Hook Up Utilites


Interior Completion: Dry Wall, Carpet, Linoleum, Trim,

Paint, Test power-water-appliances

Steps, Decks, Attached Garage, Shop, Air Conditioning Unit

Exterior Close up: Trim, Paint, Skirting, Roofing

Final Occupancy Approval

Receive the Keys to YOUR New Home!

 Home Delivery


Grading around home